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Do your taps and shower receive hot water from a hot water cylinder? If that is the case, it is a crucial part of your central heating system. However, few landlords and homeowners in Holmer Green are knowledgeable about identifying possible problems with hot water cylinders before they become big ones.

Below, you will find a guide to the most common hot water cylinder problems in Holmer Green that need to be fixed right away in order to prevent further harm to your hot water cylinder and your wallet. You will also find out about prevention measures for hot water cylinder problems and the price of hot water cylinder replacement in Holmer Green.

How Does A Hot Water Cylinder Work?

A hot water cylinder is a tank that stores hot water for later use. In the UK, there are three main types of hot water cylinders:

  • Unvented Hot Water Cylinders
  • Vented Hot Water Cylinders
  • Direct and Indirect Cylinders 

What Is A Vented Cylinder?

The water supply for a vented hot water cylinder comes from an external cold water tank. This is also known as a “header tank,” and it is typically kept in the attic because it relies on gravity to build pressure, as opposed to having the mains generate the pressure. A vent pipe is open directly to the atmosphere, and any expansion is accommodated through the feed and expansion pipework. You’ll need one of these if you have a regular boiler.

What Is An Unvented Cylinder?

As opposed to a gravity-based system, a pressurised unvented hot water cylinder receives its water directly from the mains, which results in a higher supply of pressure and easier water distribution throughout your home. At Atapos Heating, we install, repair, and maintain both Megaflo and Gledhill cylinders in Holmer Green

Since unvented hot water cylinders don’t require a separate cold water tank, they have become extremely popular in the UK. Consequently, unvented hot water cylinders are more compact than other systems, which need further loft or attic space. Only a professional plumber with the required level of expertise should perform any work on an unvented hot water cylinder. You’ll need an unvented cylinder installed if you have a system boiler.

What Are Direct And Indirect Cylinders? 

You can also choose whether your hot water system is directly or indirectly heated. An immersion heater within the cylinder heats the water in a direct hot water cylinder. This indicates that the cylinder is not connected to a boiler. An indirect hot water cylinder, on the other hand, requires an external device, such as a boiler, to heat the water through a component known as a heat exchanger.

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Common Hot Water Cylinder Problems in Holmer Green

No Hot Water

As was already mentioned, an immersion heater is typically integrated into a hot water tank that receives direct heating.

This system of heating water eliminates the need for a gas boiler. You must check the hot water tank directly if you experience a lack of hot water. Make sure the power is coming from the mains and that no power outages or breaker issues have occurred. 

Water in an indirect-heated hot water tank is warmed by hot water exiting your boiler. If there is no hot water, you must inspect your boiler and pump.

Check your thermostat and boiler controls to ensure that the hot water timer is properly set. Otherwise, issues could be related to:

  • Your system’s pressure.
  • Your plumbing, there might be an airlock. 
  • The boiler itself. 

In these cases, contact one of our heating engineers in Holmer Green.

No Water At All

Check your stopcock and mains valve to make sure they are turned to the proper positions if your taps completely stop functioning. Ask your neighbours if they are having the same issue, as this may indicate a problem with your supplier.

If you have a vented cylinder with a cold water feed in the attic, ensure that the cistern is empty. If it is full, your pipes may be clogged with air. Give the ball valve a gentle jiggle by pulling the float arm gently. If this is the cause of the issue, the cistern will begin to refill. 

Water Is Too Hot

If your hot water is extremely hot or nearly steaming, your boiler or hot water cylinder will determine the best course of action.

System and combi boilers commonly have a setting for the hot water temperature. Make sure the settings are correct.

In a traditional unvented hot water cylinder, there could be a problem with the temperature pressure relief valve. 

If your hot water is extremely hot, contact an Atapos Heating professional as soon as possible. Turn off the water to your house in an emergency by using the external mains valve located somewhere outside your home.

Water Is Discoloured Or Smelly

If both the cold and hot water taps produce odorous or discoloured water, there is most likely a larger problem with your plumbing or an external issue with the supplier.

To get more information, find out if your neighbours are having the same problems and check with your supplier. You may have a problem with your hot water system if the problem only affects your hot water taps.

You can try turning on your hot water faucets for 5 to 10 minutes to see if that solves the problem. Otherwise, contact a plumber or heating engineer in Holmer Green.

Low Boiler Pressure 

Warm water might not ever reach the hot water tank if the pressure in your heating system drops.

Moreover, a broken pump may prevent hot water from leaving the hot water tank. Verify the pump that is attached close to the cylinder. It might need bleeding; bleeding is done similarly to bleeding a radiator.

System and combi boilers are typically the only ones that may experience low boiler pressure. Conventional heating systems may also be pressurised. A pressure gauge will be mounted on the front of these boilers. The ideal pressure for most boilers is between 1 and 2 bar. If you’ve recently bled your radiators or if there’s a pinhole leak somewhere in the plumbing, the pressure may drop.

You can repressurise your boiler by allowing it to fill with water from the mains supply, but you should not do so until you have identified the source of the problem.

Frozen Condensate Pipe

A frozen condensate pipe can occasionally be the cause of heating issues during the winter. Draining the boiler’s acidic wastewater is what the condensate pipe is for.

If the pipe, which is frequently mounted on an exterior wall close to the boiler, freezes, your boiler and/or hot water may not function properly. Modern boilers might display an error message if the condensate pipe is malfunctioning.

To defrost the pipe, pour hot water over it gently.

Leaky Cylinder Or Pipes

Leaky cylinders or pipes can disrupt the hot water supply.

Any leaks in your system should be addressed as soon as possible. Repairing small pinhole leaks is relatively simple. More serious leaks from the cylinder require professional support.

Strange Noises

Because heating systems are noisy, your hot water tank probably makes some noise as well, especially during the chilly winter months when your system is working hard. 

However, any loud banging, gurgling, or sizzling noises may require attention, especially if they coincide with brand-new or escalating heating problems.

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Replacing Hot Water Cylinder

You will undoubtedly notice signs that your hot water cylinder needs to be replaced sooner or later. A water cylinder has a ten-year average lifespan, whether from use or ageing. Regular maintenance, on the other hand, may help your hot water cylinder last longer. However, if you’ve been a resident of a house for longer than eight years, your water heater is likely beyond repair. 

Other signs that your hot water cylinder needs to be replaced are:

  • Loud noise when the tank heats the water
  • Your water isn’t heating
  • Water on the floor around your tank’s bottom. 

At this point, it is best to replace your hot water cylinder.

Cost Of Hot Water Cylinder Replacement in Holmer Green

Cost of replacing hot water cylinder may vary depending on the type of your hot water cylinder. However, if you want the plumber to provide everything needed to complete the hot water cylinder replacement in Holmer Green, expect to pay between £250 and £450.

How To Prevent Hot Water Cylinder Problems 

The most effective way to avoid hot water cylinder problems is to schedule an annual hot water cylinder inspection with a qualified and experienced heating engineer in Holmer Green. Having your cylinder serviced once a year will keep it in good working order for a longer period of time.

The heating engineer will inspect the cylinder and take any necessary action during a hot water cylinder service. 

A hot water cylinder service in Holmer Green typically costs £70 + VAT

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Replacing, repairing or maintaining hot water cylinders can turn out to be a disaster if not completed by a professional. It is vital to get quotes from high-quality, trusted plumbing and heating services like Atapos Heating. We offer dedicated customer service for all your plumbing and heating needs in Holmer Green.

Do you need help replacing the water tank, looking for the price to install the water tank, or want to replace a low-pressure hot water cylinder in Holmer Green?

Call your Holmer Green heating engineer today at 07583 894 714 to get a free and no-obligation quote. 

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