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If it’s time for your gas safety test, don’t put it off any longer. Every day, our local Gas Safe licensed engineers inspect and service all gas appliances in your local area. Call us at 07583 894 714 for professional gas safety testing and certification, and keep your home safe.

What is an Annual Gas Safety Check?

What’s Included in a Gas Safety Check?

How Often do I Need a Boiler Service?

Do I Need a Gas Safety Check Certificate?

How long does a gas safety check take?

How Much for a Gas Safety Certificate?

Locally Lowest Gas Safety Certificate £70 + VAT

When it comes to gas appliances and fixtures, safety is always a big concern, so having gas safety testing and certification performed by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer is essential.

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In order to ensure your safety and the safety of your family, it is crucial to pay attention to your gas system.

Everyone should have a Gas Safe- registered engineer inspect their gas appliances on a regular basis.

Following the completion of the checks, the qualified and experienced engineer may issue a certificate. This is known as a Gas Safety Record.

Our guide below explains what a gas safety check is, what is included in a gas safety check, who needs a gas safety check, the price of a gas safety check, and how long a gas safety check takes.


What is an Annual Gas Safety Check?

An annual gas safety check is an annual inspection of all gas appliances in a home. If you use gas appliances, as most of us do, you should have them inspected by a Gas Safe engineer (an engineer vetted by the Gas Safe Registry). Following the check, you will be issued a Gas Safe certificate that is valid for one year.

What’s Included in a Gas Safety Check?

    Gas safety checks should be performed on all gas appliances in a home. This includes boilers, ovens, pipework, flues, chimneys, and other gas-burning or exhausting fixtures and fittings. 

    A Gas Safe engineer will look to ensure the following during each annual gas safety inspection:

    • Appliances are operating at the proper pressure.
    • The appliances are properly burning gas.
    • Air supply to appliances is adequate.
    • Clear flues and chimneys allow gases and fumes to escape safely.
    • Appliance safety features are functioning properly.
    • The installation is secure and appropriate for the location.

    How Often do I Need a Boiler Service?

    Boilers should be serviced at least once a year, according to experts, to make sure they are operating properly. As a heating engineer will be able to identify any issues early on to avoid pricey repairs or replacement, a gas safety check can help save money in the long run.


    Do I Need a Gas Safety Check Certificate?

    Gas safety checks are mandatory for:

    • Landlords
    • Housing associations
    • Local authorities
    • Hotels and B&Bs
    • Colleges
    • Boarding schools
    • Hostels

    In those circumstances, you are required by law to undergo an annual gas safety check. This is required for all gas installations and appliances that you own in each of your properties.

    The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations of 1998 call for this. However, the landlord is not legally required to have an appliance checked if the tenant owns it (for example, a cooker).

    The engineer will provide the landlord with a Gas Safety Record (previously known as a certificate or a CP12).

    The record will show:

    • The results of the safety checks performed on each appliance
    • A description of each tested appliance
    • Any safety issues discovered during the inspections
    • Any action or work that is required to ensure safety
    • Details about the engineer who performed the checks, including their signature and the date of the check

    If you’re a homeowner

    You are not required by law to keep a Gas Safety Record. However, for the health and safety of you and your family, you should have all of your gas appliances checked and serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer every year.

    Remember to ask your engineer to provide you with any documents that show you’ve had a gas safety check or other work done.

    If you’re a tenant

    Your landlord must provide you with a copy of the property’s Gas Safety Record. Each tenant must receive a copy of the report within 28 days of the check.


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    Local Gas Safe Registered Company 

    Atapos Heating takes gas safety seriously. All of our engineers are on the Gas Safe Register and will have their official identity card when you ask to see it.

    How Long Does a Gas Safety Check Take?

    A domestic property requires between 30 and 50 minutes to complete a gas safety check. However, if repairs are necessary, it will obviously take more time.

    Keep in mind that the size of your property will influence how long it takes our approved Gas Safe registered engineer to inspect it. This is to ensure that they inspect each and every appliance to ensure that it is safe for you and your family.

    How Much for a Gas Safety Certificate?

    A qualified gas engineer will typically issue a gas safety certificate after inspecting and testing gas appliances in the home to ensure they are safe and functional.

    Gas safety certificate checks cost £70 + VAT. Bear in mind that, if our engineer discovers any issues with the boiler or heating system that require attention, the cost of additional repairs is not included.


    professional plumbing company in high wycombe

    At Atapos Heating, we aim to provide quality Gas Safety Checks. We operate 24/7 throughout a 15-mile radius from where we are based, covering East Berkshire and South Bucks.

    Get an annual gas safety check hassle-free with Atapos Heating.

    Gas Safety Checks are carried out by our skilled tradespeople in a timely, competent manner that consistently goes above and beyond what customers expect. For assistance with the annual gas safety check, contact us right away at 07583 894 714.

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