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Hire a professional toilet plumber for all installation and repair work. Toilet installation, replacement, and repair services provided by a small family-run company. Restore the water flow in your home with fast plumbing services in Reading. Call now 07583 894 714.

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A plumber can clear a toilet blockage as long as it is above ground. In contrast, drainage experts clear out underground obstructions.

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Atapos Heating local toilet repair and installation service in Reading

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 A broken toilet is one of the worst plumbing emergencies. Every day, we rely on our toilets to be fully functional and completely efficient; however, this constant pressure may cause internal mechanics to deteriorate over time. A toilet that is overflowing, entirely clogged, or has a continually running flush may be a major problem that must be addressed promptly by a qualified plumber.

Our plumbing engineers at Atapos Heating have many years of experience in all plumbing issues and are highly qualified to handle any toilet repairs and installations in Reading. You can depend on Atapos Heating to restore your toilet to full functioning order, whether it is in a home, apartment, or business building; blocked toilets and leaky valves that give you inconvenience are not an issue anymore.

Toilet Repairs in Reading

Common Toilet Problems

One of the most commonly used plumbing fixtures in the home or workplace is the toilet. Ignoring any potential toilet problems could lead to more serious problems in the future. Even minor leaks can cause extensive damage to floors, walls, and ceilings.

A constantly leaking overflow can cause the brickwork to deteriorate. An improper flush might result in a blockage. Even something as basic as a cistern that consistently flows can have a huge impact on your water expenses. If you think your toilet is not operating properly, please allow us to examine it. We will offer a clear and competitive price for any work that is necessary and schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.


Here are some of the most frequent toilet problems; if you see any of them, you should contact a plumbing professional:

Running Overflow

This can occur due to a broken float mechanism, a clog, or, worse, both. If left unchecked, it can lead to the growth of bacteria and germs in your home, which can cause diseases or respiratory problems.

Toilet Unable to Flush

Another common issue with toilets is that the flush continues to run and does not properly shut off. The overflow pipe should convey the overflowing water away, allowing the surplus water to drain outside. If you see water dripping or flowing continuously from the overflow, we can quickly stop it with a cistern repair. Don’t be tempted to leave this; you’re wasting water, which will result in higher bills, and you might cause damage to your property’s external brickwork or the ground surrounding it.

Loss of Water Supply

While it is not as dangerous as the other issues, loss of water supply is still extremely inconvenient. You can’t do things like wash dishes, flush the toilet, take a shower, cook meals, take care of your plants, and so on. 

Because this is a hygiene issue, you should call a qualified plumber. After all, this isn’t something you can fix on your own. 

Blocked Toilet

Toilets can become clogged in a variety of ways. The most typical reason is that they are subjected to a load that is too big for the pipes to bear. The difficulty of removing a clog depends on where it happens in the drains. For example, if the obstruction is near the toilet bowl, it may frequently be addressed using a plunger. However, if the obstruction is lower down the pipe, it may necessitate the use of professional equipment to remove it.


Leaking or Dripping Tap

A leaking tap may waste up to 5,500 litres of water every year, costing you money and harming the environment by increasing the quantity of water extracted from natural sources. We can provide a repair or a full tap replacement, lowering the amount of money that leaking water can cost you. We can offer and install a new tap in circumstances when a repair is not possible due to wear and tear or the age of the tap itself, or we can simply fit your new tap of choice that you have supplied.

Leaking Bath or Shower Tray

Unfortunately, in many situations, a leaky bath or shower tray is not discovered until water damage appears just under the bathroom. But don’t panic, an Atapos Heating plumber can be on-site to locate the source of the leak and hopefully repair it on the job, preventing additional damage to your house.

Toilet Leaking or Not Flushing Correctly

A dripping toilet or a toilet that does not flush can be a nuisance. A leaking toilet can also increase your utility expenses, especially if your home has a water meter. This is why we perform numerous toilet repairs to ensure that your bathroom is fully operational as quickly as possible and with as little disruption as possible. In circumstances where a repair is not possible, we also offer a new toilet installation.

Leaking Water Tank or Cylinder

Water tanks and hot water cylinders are frequently located in inaccessible areas within houses, making it difficult to discover a problem with the tank until the damage caused by the problem becomes obvious. Because a hidden leaking or overflowing water tank may be quite destructive, we provide our customers with a 24-hour plumbing emergency service in Reading to prevent additional damage to their homes or belongings.

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Bathroom Fitting in Reading

Our trained team of bathroom fitters can handle every element of your new bathroom installation in Reading. We can build your bathroom from the ground up, including tap replacement, toilet replacement, bath replacement, shower replacement, and many more.

When selecting the plumbing company to install your new bathroom, seek one that is trustworthy and has a strong reputation for quality workmanship. We will be happy to show you previous works that we have completed to demonstrate the quality you can expect. 

Atapos Heating in Reading specialises in bathroom repairs and installations, from design to completion, including bathroom radiator and boiler installations. We can even buy and deliver whichever bathroom fixtures you like. We also provide FREE quotes, and because we are not attached to any one brand, you will always receive honest advice.

Our Reading bathroom installation team follows a defined procedure for all new bathroom projects that we start; these stages have proven to be our formula for success with all of our pleased clients so far. Following this approach has a good impact on our result and your new bathroom, making the entire process entirely organised from the start.

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The professional team at Atapos Heating have many years experience in toilet repairs and replacement. We provide plumbing services in Reading bathroom installation, 24 hours a day. Call us at 07583 894 714 and we can check our availability.

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